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About Us

We are an active player on the domestic and international freight and logistics market since 1998. Nowadays we are fulfilling our orders with 80 Mega Tautliners according to the best of our knowledge, and this number is continously increasing.


Our customers’ satisfaction is the utmost important, because in this way the continous evolution is guaranteed.


Our past and future success is due to the fact, that we are delivering solutions. This wouldn’t be possible without the professional attitude and commitment of Trans Pink International Ltd’s qualified and motivated staff. Each freight order, from the beginning to the good’s delivery, is covered by the utmost care. The direct telephone and GPS connection with the drivers makes this possible.

Our highly qualified staff

  • is responsible for your shipment from ordering to delivery;
  • is in daily connection with our customers, drivers and loading workers;
  • is tracking your shipment precisely with the most modern telematics systems.

Whether you need total- or partial loading, we can give you the suitable solution for your transport needs.

We continuously strive to offer the best solution to our customers’ needs. We can be proud of the past achievements, but we are determined to further improve our accomplishments.